Sushi sæt grå

Sushi set consisting of two plates and two soy bowls handmade from Weihrauch ceramics. The pattern is inspired by landscapes of Japanese rice and themed fields. The set can also be used excellently for a small cake with, for example, a scoop of ice cream in the bowl or a small tapas dish. Measure plates: 10 x 20 cm Bowl: Ø 7.5 cm Chopsticks not included.

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Meta Title Sushisæt i grå - to skåle og tallerkner - Weihrauch keramik
Meta Keywords Sushisaet, saet, graa, keramik, soyaskaale, japan, japanske, designer, stentoej, stentoejsler, ler, tallerkner, koekkenudstyr, koekkentilbehoer,
Meta Description Køb et gråt Sushisæt håndlavet af Weihrauch keramik. Bestående af to tallerkner og to soyaskåle. Mønstret er inspireret af japanske ris og te-marker.
Gift Type Virtuel

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